ProFlex Ultra Hybrid Polymer

ProFlex Ultra reverses the trend of adding fillers to MS adhesives by its super-high quality, performance & speed at very competitive pricing.

ProFlex Ultra Hybrid Polymer Adhesive boasts the best of MS Polymer development for hardwood floors. Unlike other alternatives, it is completely solvent-free and therefore non-hazardous, yet offers superior bead stability when trowelled or applied by gun, and increased tensile strength and elasticity once cured. It quickly cures to a strong final bond, and its water-free formulation ensures no damage to wood.

ProFlex Ultra Hybrid Polymer is exceptionally easy to spread and is simply cleaned off hands and tools after use with ProFlex Pro Wipes, leaving no unpleasant residue. Its long 'pot life' allows time to take care over a job, and makes it possible to reuse the product even after the container has been opened and resealed.

  • Superior, non-hazardous Hybrid Polymer adhesive for hardwood floors
  • Easy-spread, single-component system
  • High-strength flexible bond, allowing for seasonal wood movement
  • No black-staining of hands or tools
  • Easily cleaned from hands and tools
  • Reusable after container has been opened and resealed
ProFlex Ultra Hybrid Polymer Tubs - 16kg

Robust tubs that can be opened and closed many times until adhesive is fully used, complete with sturdy carry handles.

ProFlex Ultra Hybrid Polymer Pouches - available as 2 x 7kg pouches and 1 x 7kg pouch.

Convenient dispensing and easy waste disposal with these handy pouches. Once opened, the open end can be simply folded over to keep for future use.

ProFlex Ultra Hybrid Polymer Gun-Grade - 600ml foils / Applicator gun

Concentrated adhesion strength with the convenience of trigger application. Ideal for use with batten or slotted-mat systems, part-used tubes can be capped and stored for future use.

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