About us

The ProFloor brand started out with the simple objective of making hardwood floor fitting easier, quicker and free of the traditionally-associated hazardous products. Now well established and leading the marketplace with a complete system of innovative and carefully-developed products, ProFloor transforms the whole experience of fitting hardwood & vinyl flooring, making it safer, greener and many times more efficient.

The ProFloor system eliminates the deeply-hazardous elements within conventional flooring products, containing nothing more than the normal cement-based irritant in the Self-Levelling Compound. The high-odour, hazardous adhesives, DPM's and so on are gone, replaced with user-friendly alternatives that boast enhanced effectiveness. The VinyLay system uses a non-flammable solvent and a flammable propellant.

ProFloor brands

Now developed into 3 key brands, covering hard wood flooring, sub floor preparation & laying vinyl flooring, the emphasis as ever is on speed, quality and minimising hazardous elements.

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