FloorPrep Fastrack DPM Moisture Vapour Suppressant

FloorPrep Fastrack DPM is a ready-for-use, one part, water-based moisture vapour suppressant and Damp Proof Membrane that provides protection against both residual construction moisture and rising damp, whilst maintaining a gas permeable membrane that helps to disperse vapour pressure in the subfloor as well as allowing for long term stabilisation

This user-friendly product revolutionises the moisture-sealing of floors in preparation for wood & vinyl flooring, and is effective against classic rising damp and residual construction moisture. Providing a welcome replacement to hazardous two-part systems, Fastrack DPM is a water-based, single-component system that can be applied quickly and easily by means of a standard roller and tray.

A single 0.2mm coat provides a highly-effective moisture-and-vapour suppressant, and is normally ready for laying onto within 30 minutes of application, changing from blue to a clear film when dry. Clean up is just as simple, using warm, soapy water, making this the most effective and convenient DPM to date. FloorPrep Fastrack DPM is designed to be used as a system with full coverage of ProFlex Adhesive. For other applications; please see data sheets or consult technical service.

FloorPrep Fastrack DPM – 5 Litre container

Convenient container of unique, single-component DPM, simply applied with a standard roller – one coat only required*. Works up to 97% RH moisture reading.

*See TDS for full details.

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