ProFlex Ultra Hybrid Polymer

ProFlex Ultra Hybrid Polymer is exceptionally easy to spread and is simply cleaned off hands and tools after use with ProFlex Pro Wipes, leaving no unpleasant residue. Its long 'pot life' allows time to take care over a job, and makes possible to reuse the product after the container has been opened.

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FloorPrep Fastrack DPM Moisture Vapour Suppressant

FloorPrep Fastrack DPM revolutionises moisture-sealing of floors in preparation for wood & vinyl flooring, and is effective against classic rising damp and residual construction moisture. Providing a welcome replacement to hazardous two-part systems.

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FloorPrep Floor Binder Surface Primer

Floor Binder is an essential part of the FloorPrep range, stabilising loose and dusty sub-floors to create a stable surface for adhering flooring to. Removing the adverse effects of suction from the substrate, including pin-holing and premature drying of the screed.

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FloorPrep Self-levelling Compound Latex Underlayment

This newly developed Self-Levelling Compound from the FloorPrep range provides enhanced performance based on a 2-part, moisture-resistant formulation. It is suitable for use with all other ProFloor products, and, unlike other self-levelling compounds, is applied prior to the Fastrack DPM.

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FloorPrep PVA Adhesive For Wood Flooring

Providing an excellent wood-to-wood bond, ProFloor PVA can be used to seal joints between boards as well as the edges of floating floors. Available in 4 convenient container sizes to suit all levels of requirement, it is specifically designed for professional tradesmen and the highest standard of workmanship.

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VinyLay is a new concept in laying vinyl floors. Designed to work in conjunction with the FloorPrep range, the benefits are huge. DPM typically ready for adhesive in 30 minutes. Adhesive is ready for applying the vinyl immediately.

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Welcome to PROFLOOR

The ProFloor brand started out with the simple objective of making hardwood floor fitting easier, quicker and free of the traditionally-associated hazardous products.

Now well established and leading the marketplace with a complete system of innovative and carefully-developed products, ProFloor transforms the whole experience of fitting hardwood & vinyl flooring, making it safer, greener and many times more efficient.

The ProFloor system eliminates the deeply-hazardous elements within conventional flooring products, containing nothing more than the normal cement-based irritant in the Self-Levelling Compound.

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