FloorPrep Floor Binder Surface Primer

Floor Binder is an essential part of the FloorPrep range, stabilising loose and dusty sub-floors to create a stable surface for adhering flooring to. Removing the adverse effects of suction from the substrate, including pin-holing and premature drying of the screed, FloorPrep Floor Binder is an integral part of laying a successful hardwood floor.

Like all FloorPrep products, Floor Binder eliminates the hazardous elements of floor laying and is a straightforward, user-friendly product with almost no odour. Applied by brush or roller, it covers generously and dries quickly, ready for laying flooring directly on top or as preparation for FloorPrep Self-Levelling Compound or Fastrack DPM.

ProFlex Ultra FloorPrep Floor Binder – 5 Litre container

Enhanced surface primer to prepare dusty or highly absorbent floors for hardwood flooring. Easily applied and quick-drying.

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